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Sandbach School specialises in educating boys. Every aspect of school life is geared to create the right environment for boys to thrive. Statistically evidence from the UK and around the world demonstrates that boys achieve higher results and make better progress in single sex schools. We make no apology for focusing upon academic achievement and setting aspirational targets for our young men. But we balance this with a co-curricular programme of out of class activities which teaches our boys the need for hard work and effort before tasting success. Results academically are impressive: last year 89% achieved a level 4 or above in Maths, 80% in English and 75% gained the old measure of 5A*-C grades including English and Maths. All students left with qualifications which supported their chosen pathway – many returning to our Sixth Form but others gaining prestigious apprenticeships.

In other areas our boys have also excelled. Our aim is always to support them whatever their talent and passion and so the range of opportunity is truly expansive. We have had elite runners taking part by invitation in the London Mini Marathon. Students who have successfully made the national finals in table tennis and cross country. We are U16 county hockey champions and U14 runners-up. U13 Cheshire football champions and Cheshire County finalists in two other age groups. One of our students made the final of the percussion BBC Young Musician of the Year with another winning the best instrumental soloist at the National Youth Brass Band Championships. These are just a few of the successes from last year!

I hope that the website gives you a flavour of our ethos and values. If you would like to know more we warmly welcome you to visit us.

Mrs Sarah Burns


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School Meals


Cashless catering makes lunch time more efficient and exciting for the students in school and removes the need for them to carry money.

At the point of payment the pupil places their finger on the fingertip scanner and their account is debited.

The benefits are:

  • Students are served more efficiently and quickly and queues are kept to a minimum
  • Complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals.
  • It is a unique verification. No one else can use the student’s fingertip. .
  • It ensures that money provided by parents to pay for schools meals is used only for that purpose.
  • It provides parents with the knowledge that their child is eating at lunchtime.
  • Payment methods include cheques, ParentPay and the coin and note loader using fingertip verification.


How Does The Fingertip Scanner And Software Capture A Unique Identity?

VeriCool biometric software utilises the Digital Persona U r U 4000B optical scanner in conjunction with the Neurotechnolojica and VeriCool Ltd developed biometric software application. The light on the reader is used solely to illuminate the fingerprint and the scanning device then effectively takes a photograph (which is termed as capturing the image). On a camera the image data would be stored so that the picture can be reproduced again & again. On the fingerprint reader most of the data is discarded and only a limited number (approx. 120) of random points on the fingerprint are retained. These are not stored as images but are converted using a mathematical process to convert the image data to what is essentially a string of random numbers.

The algorithm used by Digital Persona is unique to them. It would be extremely difficult to “reverse engineer” the process to get back to the image data but even if that were achieved all that would be revealed would be the 120 random points of the fingerprint. It is impossible to “recover” the total fingerprint image.

Coin & Note Loader

The loader is situated by the entrance to the refectory. This can be used to look up account balances and to add money to accounts. You place your scanned finger on the scanner and then follow the on screen instructions.

The ideal times to add money are before school between 7:30am – 8:30am or near the end of lunch between 1:45pm – 2:05pm or after school from 3:15pm. The loader gets very busy at morning break and the start of lunch so it is a good idea to avoid these times.

Fingertip verification

If you are having problems with your fingertip verification at the till or coin loader please see Oly and arrange a day and time for you to get your fingertip rescanned.

What is my account balance and what does a daily limit mean?

Your account balance is how much money you have on your account in total. A limit of £4.50 is set on your account each day. This can be changed with parental permission by emailing or sending a letter in for the attention of The Catering Department.


No Child Goes hungry!

If your son has run out of money on his account and has had nothing to eat, they can go to pupil reception and get a slip of confirmation which allows them to go overdrawn on their account. For example their account balance would be £0.00 and their slip is for £2, their account balance will be -£2. Next time they top-up their account the £2 owed will automatically be taken off when they put money on.


Cheques should be handed in at the till before 8.30am. Cheques should be made payable to Sodexo.

Parent Pay

ParentPay is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card. The website is

New Pupils? – You will need an activation code to start a parent pay account, these will be given to you by school. When you activate your account you will be asked to choose your own username and password.

If you ever have any problems using your Parentpay account or would like to speak to someone regarding your son’s accountplease contact Dan or Oly on 01270 758875 or email

Themed days page

We will be running a themed day a month. On this page you will be able to see which themed days are coming up. Use the navigation on this page to go through the different months and find out what’s on! If you have any ideas for themed days fill in the box below and submit your idea! If your idea gets selected you and your friend will win a free meal and drink on that day! Also a queue jump pass!

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