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Director of Sixth Form Welcome
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Welcome to Sandbach School Sixth Form! We are a growing and dynamic sixth form enrolling boys and girls from 16-19. Our primary aim is to provide outstanding opportunities for our students both inside and outside of the classroom and to maximise their potential. As one of the leading post-16 providers in Cheshire East, we have a proven track record of students achieving the best possible outcomes to best prepare them for life beyond school. In 2013 our consistently excellent A Level results were recognised by ALPS (A Level Performance System) as being in the top 5% of post-16 providers nationally.

Achievement at Sandbach School goes beyond the academic excellence that we all strive for. As you will see in the following pages, students in our sixth form are developed as people through a broad range of extra curricular opportunities and a student leadership programme. Whether you are successful in getting onto the Senior Student Team, or work as an learning mentor for younger students, you will be supported in your own personal leadership goals. Students’ long term aims and ambitions are also supported and developed through a program of advice and guidance that ensures all students are well informed to make decisions about their future.

As a prospective student, or parent, I hope you will find this website useful as you make your choices.

We look forward to welcoming you into our sixth form!

Andy Barker

Director of Sixth Form

Old Bailey Work Experience

Owen Proctor ( Year 12 AS Law student) spent a day as Marshal to his Honour Judge Peter Rook QC in Court One of the Old Bailey in London.  Court One has been used for many famous criminal trials including those of the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, Ruth Ellis  and the novelist Jeffrey Archer.

Judge Rook  welcomed Owen and his Law teacher, Margaret Watson, to his office and gave them a short tour of the relevant court rooms followed by  an interesting discussion about various aspects of Criminal Law before the court went into session.

Owen later described the visit as follows;

“ It was an amazing experience sitting next to the judge  in such a famous courtroom. The trial concerned a murder from 1997 and involved two rival gangs.  The defendant had been extradited from the United States.  I saw the cross-examination of witnesses,  discussion about circumstantial evidence,  the judge clarifying evidence for the jury and the examination of artefacts including a mask, scarf and bag.  A face portrait composite of one of the suspects was also presented to the jury.  I am grateful to Judge Rook for giving me this opportunity to see the Criminal Justice System  in operation at the highest level. It has inspired me to continue my Law Studies at a higher level. “